Interviewing My Mom
My mom is one of the best people in the world. She takes care of me, she feeds me, she washes my clothes, and she teaches me school at home. I coudn't wish for another mom. She's a different person from all the rest. And everybody is different.
Now I want to talk about what she likes to do or what she wanted to have. My mom, when she was little, she wished she had a few more siblings to play with. She was the youngest of two children. What else would you expect when you were the youngest of two kids and her older sister would rather ride a horse than play with her sister. How horrible that would be!! My mom has six kids and she wishes she could have a few more. I would also like to have a few more I love being the oldest and having fun responsibilities to do. My mom (and me) wish we were good at art. We wish we could both draw well. I really wish I could draw because my five year old brother teases me because he can draw and I can't .(I hate that!) My mom likes reading and writing a lot. That's why she writes those blogs you can read. My mom also likes going places like me. She likes going to stores, parks, other states, things like that. My mom, Adrienne Rachele is a very good mom, she takes care of her children better than any other mom could. I just can't stop thanking her for teahing me at home. It's the best thing I've ever experienced my whole life. I love her and can't wait to be (almost) like her. Thank you Momma.

Love your oldest daughter,